Insurance premiums may be structured in one of two ways: stepped or level. Stepped insurance premiums are the more commonly known option, and involve payments steadily increasing over time. Level insurance premiums remain steady over time.

It would seem obvious that level premiums are the best choice, however it becomes more complex when you consider that both premium models increase with the age of the applicant at the time of commencing the policy. The younger a person takes up a level insurance policy, the cheaper their ongoing premiums will be, however it is the case that the likelihood of needing to claim also increases with age. This means that their premiums will be lower, however they will likely be paid for an extended time before a claim is necessary.

Stepped premiums may start out slightly lower at the time of commencement, however over time as they increase, they will likely surpass the level premiums. Again the question comes down to when the insurance policy will be claimed in terms of time from starting the cover.

It makes sense that the longer a policy is held for, the more time that the holder is covered and the more likely that they will be covered at the time of a claimable event. Whichever policy model you decide to go with, it makes sense to consider the policy over the long term. Your financial adviser will be able to discuss with you the best policy model for your situation.

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